02 November 2009

Getting more of what you want - Part 7

So, let's suppose that you've decided that applying the TOC Thinking Processes might really help your organization bridge the chasm -- successfully make the leap from entrepreneurial to enterprise. What kind of results might your firm expect from a sound and diligent application of TOC-based continuous improvement?

Here's a summary from an independent study as the results were published in a white paper available from AGI - Goldratt Institute:
  • Mean reduction in lead times = 70%
  • Mean improvement in on-time deliveries = 44%
  • Mean reduction in cycle times = 65%
  • Mean increase in combined financial variables performance = 63%
  • Mean reduction in inventory levels = 49%
  • Mean increase in revenue/throughput = 73%
If you'd like to get started on a path to improvements like these, contact me today at rcushing(at)ceoexpress(dot)com.

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