30 October 2009

Getting more of what you want - Part 6

So, what is this "tool set" that can help the entrepreneur and his management team decode the complexity of the growing enterprise in order to extract simplicity out of its seemingly endless layers of complexity?

The answer is: The TOC (Theory of Constraints) Thinking Processes.

As Victoria Mabin of the School of Business and Public Management of the Victoria University of Wellington states: "[T]he TOC Thinking Processes... are a suite of logical trees that provide a roadmap for change, by addressing the three basic questions of What to change, What to change to, and How to cause the change. They guide the user through the decision making process of problem structuring, problem identification, solution building, identification of barriers to be overcome, and implementation of the solution." [Emphasis added.]

This tool set is not new, as Mabin makes clear: "The TOC has evolved over [more than] 20 years.... [and] is now used worldwide by companies of all sizes.... [M]any managers who routinely use TOC believe they understand their businesses for the first time.... [T]hey gain a sense of control and of being able to act proactively.... TOC empowers managers by providing a consistent framework for diagnosing problems." [Emphasis added.]

Now, even though I'm a consultant and I get paid for helping companies make effective decisions by applying the TOC Thinking Processes, let me say up front: You don't need me to apply the TOC Thinking Processes. You could attend a workshop or do self-study in order to learn how to apply these tools in your business.

The workshops will likely cost you $5,000 to upwards of $10,000. Self-study and trial-and-error might take you some months -- or even years. There are, however, a good number of books available to guide you through this process.

So, while you don't need me to leverage these tools, connecting with me might be the fastest and lowest-cost method of getting to solutions you need in the very near future. If you'd like to connect with me, email me at rcushing(at)ceoexpress(dot)com.

In our next post, we'll talk about what kinds of results are typical with the application of TOC principles.

[To be continued...]

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