10 May 2010

IT value creation vs. cost control | ZDNet

This brief video clip makes an important point that is not specific to the context in which it is being said. That is: Value creation from IT (especially in 2010 and beyond) should be the primary concern of CIOs, CEOs and strategic CFOs -- not cost control.

IT value creation vs. cost control | ZDNet

This is worth the few minutes it takes to view it, just to catch that point -- a point I have been trying to make in this blog for more than a year now.

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03 May 2010

Theory of Constraints (ToC) Project Management - A Primer

Want to manage your projects -- both IT-related and non-IT -- better and more effectively. Then take a look at what the Theory of Constraints can do for you.

Click this link: tocpmwhitepaper.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Read the white paper. I think you'll be glad you did.

Then, if you would like help implementing some of these concepts in your organization, contact me directly.